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Review: ManageWP

Please note: This product can be only be used on self-hosted WordPress installations. It will not work with websites hosted on Whether you have a single WordPress website or multiple ones spread out over servers around the world, administrators face the...

Alt-Tab and Virtual Desktops

I use keyboard shortcuts to an extreme. I don't hate my mouse, but I find it so much easier to use just the keyboard, in particular when I am writing. One shortcut I use constantly is Alt-Tab to switch between open windows. With Windows 10, the user interface became...

Windows 10 Apps: MSN News

People often ask me what (if any) of the Windows 8/10 apps do you use? When I started using Windows 8 (after a hiatus of using Debian Linux on my primary workstation), I did get caught up in trying out a number of, as they were termed at that time, the Windows...

Design Desires

I am never, ever, ever satisfied totally with my webpage designs. Yes, I always desire to strive to do the best job possible with the tools and talent that I have available to me at the moment in time. Time nor technology stand still. I started designing using HTML...

Resign or Recuse?

When in doubt, ask more questions! After the past 24 hours, the one emotion that is permeating the country, particularly among Progressives, is doubt... doubt about the handling of the overt intrusion into our country's political process by Russia. doubt about the...

Two World Class Heroes

Without one bit of hesitation, these two are my heroes! The first one is the person with the sense of reason who should be occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue today, Senator Bernie Sanders, truly cares about all like they are one big global family. Democratic Socialism...

Creative Spam: Future Famous Blogger

Friday afternoon. Finished the work week. Time to gut the spam folder. I keep an eye on the spam folder since no email service is perfect in identifying spam messages correctly. Friday afternoon, I take the few extra minutes to perform mass annihilation on the rest....

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