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Seriously, Everyone Has to Follow the Rules

Let's say you are out at a dinner party with 500 of your closest friends, all of whom have cell phones. Add that there are members of the working press and media snapping photos and taking notes. Perhaps even a few satellite trucks with video cameras rolling. All of a...

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Lukewarm Engagement

Lukewarm most often describes water that is just sort of warm. Tepid. Warmish. It can also describe someone who is unenthusiastic. Halfhearted. Indifferent. Halfhearted. Apathetic. Noncommittal. Lackadaisical. Democrats in general in 2016. Yes. Democrats. The effect:...

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Making Progress

So far, I have completed the basic design elements for the main web site, as well as the first children sites. Now I am moving forward adding back some of the page content on the main web site, as well beginning to write again! Also, the pre-2017 articles are...

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Remodeling in Progress

A work-in-progress! I decided that it was time to do an overhaul of the domain and its use of WordPress. At the same time, I am converting this and other sites to use TLS/SSL (using Let's Encrypt). Curious about how to make modifications to Twenty Seventeen? Read this...

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What’s Going On?

We are currently redesigning and rearranging all sorts of stuff – theme, format, content cleanup. Below is the latest status!

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