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Windows 10 Apps: MSN News

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Apps, Windows 10

People often ask me what (if any) of the Windows 8/10 apps do you use? When I started using Windows 8 (after a hiatus of using Debian Linux on my primary workstation), I did get caught up in trying out a number of, as they were termed at that time, the Windows Metrodesign applications. The biggest problem I found with them is that they occupied the full screen landscape. Later, with Windows 10, they became able to be windowed as well. Other than the initial screen hogging, I liked the modern design and how, in most cases, it worked well for me as a user. Some came and went from my computer while others have become my tools of choice for many daily functions. So enters this new category here of Windows 10 Apps that I use.

MSN News

I am a news hound! There is always a news program on in the background when I am working. Previously, I used the sadly now defunct Breaking News app from NBC News to keep track of events around the corner, nation, and the world. When it stopped functioning at the end of 2016, I switched over to the MSN News app.

It covers multiple national and international news agencies, as well as sports, technology, health, lifestyle, and other categories. You can easily pick and choose not only what areas you are interested in, but the news sources used in the search. It runs in the background in a relatively small memory footprint (50 – 150 MB) and provides notifications on new items of interest.

It provides text, pictorial, and video news items, all which can be viewed within the app, as well as providing a link to the original source article. One major plus: in the MSN excerpted articles from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and other paywall sources, MSN picks up the tab, as it does on the MSN News website.

The MSN News app is free and available from the Windows Store.


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