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by | Mar 3, 2017 | Daily Post, Web Design

I am never, ever, ever satisfied totally with my webpage designs. Yes, I always desire to strive to do the best job possible with the tools and talent that I have available to me at the moment in time. Time nor technology stand still. I started designing using HTML and graphics with a CMS or design tools, other than vi, a camera, a scanner, and a simple photo editing tool.

Nowadays, with WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and all the desktop tools in the designer’s kit, the design world is your oyster! The only thing you need to do it read and experiment, something that I love to do because I have spent my entire life studying and learning new and interesting things.

The new feature I have added to this web site is a bit of heading graphics, like the full width rocks at the top. On a new section of the website I am revealing over the weekend, I have a full page splash heading with graphics and video on the section’s main page, a similar technique to the new WordPress theme, Twenty Seventeen.

My adventures in web design continue! Thanks for coming along on the trip!

Update! Here is an example of the full page splash with video, my Recent Writing page!

Day 1 of my Daily Post, triggered by Desire.


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