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Seriously, Everyone Has to Follow the Rules

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Daily Post, National Security, Politics

Credit: Time

Let’s say you are out at a dinner party with 500 of your closest friends, all of whom have cell phones. Add that there are members of the working press and media snapping photos and taking notes. Perhaps even a few satellite trucks with video cameras rolling.

All of a sudden you get news of a business development that could either make you a billion dollars or bankrupt you instantly. So, you decide to hold an emergency board meeting right there at your table in full view of all these people, some of whom are within earshot (or voice recorder range), while holding up details of the plans, illuminated by your staff’s cell phones (which could be photographing them). Some of your guests think “Wow! I am seeing the great business mogul at work right here! Let me post a picture on Facebook!” What a way to run a business and get free publicity! NOT!

No, a wise business person would excuse themselves and call their team together away from probing eyes, ears, recorders, and cameras. Let’s add the real players to make this scary, fictional scenario a real one.

Date: Saturday evening
Place: The Mar-a-Lago Club (serving as the Winter White House)
Players: President and Mrs. Trump, Japanese Prime Minister and Mrs. Abe
Guests: 500 or so close friends (mostly wealthy donors)
Crisis: The Hermit Kingdom, North Korea, successfully launches a ballistic missile.

We’re not talking about business deal. We’re talking about an issue of grave national security. This is the kind of issue that would warrant being in a very secure area with only those who have the proper security clearance to even be there! It would certainly not be broadcast on Facebook Live or covered near real-time by your dinner guests. This is not a case where the President says never mind the protocol, I haven’t finished my parfait. It is also not something that should be live blogged to further inflate the Emperor’s ego. I am surprised that he didn’t re-tweet some of the photographs that were taken!

Remember how I said what a wise business person would do. I thought that was why people voted for Trump. Seems obvious to me that he is neither a wide business person or President.

Two additional thoughts:

  1. Where was the Secret Service? If anyone knows the protocol. they should. I guess they got waved off by the Emperor.
  2. Every President has a member of the military constantly by his side or very close by carrying the infamous nuclear football. It appears that the Emperor is allowing his guests the opportunity to be photographed with it and its carrier. The Pentagon is not commenting.

The very ironic part of this whole event: this is the same President that who, while a candidate, constantly brought up Clinton and her poor handling of classified and sensitive material. I guess the same rules do not apply to the New President and his Administration. I don’t think so…

Day 2 of my Daily Post, triggered by Seriousness.

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  1. Judy Dykstra-Brown

    Is this man teflon? In spite of all of the reporting and complaints, why is he never held accountable for anything he does or says?


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