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Lukewarm Engagement

by | Feb 12, 2017 | Daily Post, Politics, Rant

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Lukewarm most often describes water that is just sort of warm. Tepid. Warmish. It can also describe someone who is unenthusiastic. Halfhearted. Indifferent. Halfhearted. Apathetic. Noncommittal. Lackadaisical. Democrats in general in 2016.

Yes. Democrats. The effect: we now have a Clown in Chief in the White House. Words like we can’t lose, who would ever in their right mind vote for him, we have to care about the children. Words, slogans, sent out across social media, email, TV and radio commercials to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Yes, and we had an election that over 40% of eligible voters did not bother to show up at the polls. Such a hardship to put your cell phone and latte down for a few minutes and cast a vote. Why bother? Others will make sure to cast enough votes to put in the right person.

But the loss did not begin on Election Day. It has been lost for years and years. Why did Obama get elected? He engaged the voting populace and they came through because of three simple words: Yes We Can! This election cycle the Democrats actually had an honest, motivating, candidate in Bernie Sanders, who was of, by, and for the people. He garnered tens of thousands of followers at events nationwide and, yes, ran his campaign with an average contribution of just $27. So why did the Democrats put forth the other candidate? Because of that nasty, nasty “S” word: socialism (no, he said Social Democrat). Because of the fact that he purportedly hated Obama and wanted to repeal the Affordable Care Act (both lies). Worst of all, these scare tactics Democrats believed were stated not by the Republicans (they had their own lies). No, it was done by a very carefully crafted disinformation campaign by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, supported by millions of dollars of contribution from corporations and the 1%.

The other problem? People just refuse to do their homework. Oh, [celebrity/famous persons] say the Hillary is with us! Who cares where the money comes from? I am far too busy on Facebook and Twitter following [celebrity/famous persons] and everyone knows that they are right. So, are you questioning those experts now that Trump was elected? I think you best be questioning your own lukewarm engagement. Best you turn your engagement up to the boiling point now and keep it there. We now have four years of dealing with and mass engaging the Administration to make sure there is still a America in four years.

Day 1 of my Daily Post, triggered by Lukewarm.


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