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Cats Against Trump

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Windows 10 Apps: MSN News

People often ask me what (if any) of the Windows 8/10 apps do you use? When I started using Windows 8 (after a hiatus of using Debian Linux on my primary workstation), I did get caught up in trying out a number of, as they were termed at that time, the Windows...

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Design Desires

I am never, ever, ever satisfied totally with my webpage designs. Yes, I always desire to strive to do the best job possible with the tools and talent that I have available to me at the moment in time. Time nor technology stand still. I started designing using HTML...

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Beginning January 20th 2017 at 12 Noon Eastern Time

Remaining in the Only Term of Donald Trunp








What’s Going On?

We are currently redesigning and rearranging all sorts of stuff – theme, format, content cleanup. Below is the latest status!

Making Progress

So far, I have completed the basic design elements for the main web site, as well as the first children sites. Now I am moving forward adding back some of the page content on the main web site, as well beginning to write again! Also, the pre-2017 articles are...

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Remodeling in Progress

A work-in-progress! I decided that it was time to do an overhaul of the domain and its use of WordPress. At the same time, I am converting this and other sites to use TLS/SSL (using Let's Encrypt). Curious about how to make modifications to Twenty Seventeen? Read this...

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