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Image from - really nice ones there!

Image from — really nice ones there!

Con­sider this page a colophon of sorts. When you build a blog from the ground up on your own server, the optional pieces to make it work per­fectly are not a mat­ter of click­ing a box on a hosted blog, such as You need to go find the pieces, install, and con­fig­ure them, usu­ally with mul­ti­ple trial-and-error runs. Here are some of the pieces that make this Word­Press blog rock!


Yes, the con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem (CMS) that makes all the con­tent play nice together. Whether it be writ­ten at a desk­top or a cell phone or sourced from other plat­forms, Word­Press orga­nizes and for­mats it for nearly every pos­si­ble vis­i­tor oppor­tu­nity. I have flip-flopped around between Word­Press and Mov­able Type and Blog­ger, but I always come back to self-hosting my own Word­Press.  My Sed­i­ments Exactly is cur­rently run­ning Word­Press 4.3.1.

Theme and Elements

The theme cur­rently in use here at  My Sed­i­ments Exactly is a child theme based upon Twenty Fifteen.


Unless oth­er­wise cred­ited, the con­tent found on My Sed­i­ments Exactly is cre­ated by the author of the post. Unless explic­itly stated, the locally cre­ated con­tent is licensed under a Cre­ative Com­mons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Acti­vated Plugins

The plu­gin writ­ers are the true unsung heroes behind the Word­Press world. Sure, with­out the active devel­oper com­mu­nity for Word­Press itself, they would not have the frame­work to build upon, but they expand and extend the basics into some­thing even more spe­cial. Spe­cial tip of the hat to Davide Benini for the Plu­g­ins List plu­gin to list plu­g­ins - now that is a mouth­ful. 😛 Give him 5 stars if you like it on the offi­cial WP Plu­g­ins List page.