Tool Belt

Image from - really nice ones there!

Image from – really nice ones there!

Consider this page a colophon of sorts. When you build a blog from the ground up on your own server, the optional pieces to make it work perfectly are not a matter of clicking a box on a hosted blog, such as You need to go find the pieces, install, and configure them, usually with multiple trial-and-error runs. Here are some of the pieces that make this WordPress blog rock!


Yes, the content management system (CMS) that makes all the content play nice together. Whether it be written at a desktop or a cell phone or sourced from other platforms, WordPress organizes and formats it for nearly every possible visitor opportunity. I have flip-flopped around between WordPress and Movable Type and Blogger, but I always come back to self-hosting my own WordPress.  My Sediments Exactly is currently running WordPress 4.6.1.

Theme and Elements

The theme currently in use here at  My Sediments Exactly is a child theme based upon Twenty Fifteen.


Unless otherwise credited, the content found on My Sediments Exactly is created by the author of the post. Unless explicitly stated, the locally created content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Activated Plugins

The plugin writers are the true unsung heroes behind the WordPress world. Sure, without the active developer community for WordPress itself, they would not have the framework to build upon, but they expand and extend the basics into something even more special. Special tip of the hat to Davide Benini for the Plugins List plugin to list plugins – now that is a mouthful. 😛 Give him 5 stars if you like it on the official WP Plugins List page.