Weather Icons

Weather MapThis is going to travel elsewhere within the structure of the web site, but I get so many 404’s from folks coming by to find this very old resource! I have been collecting for years, a wide variety of weather condition icons from around the web (and the world). The repository was online in most of my previous web sites and will be making its comeback here over the next few days.

For now, here is a sample of one of the National Weather Service’s icon sets.


National Weather Service
Annotation GIF JPG PNG
Blizzard blizzard.gif blizzard.jpg blizzard.png
Blowing Snow blowingsnow.gif blowingsnow.jpg blowingsnow.png
Cloudy cloudy.gif cloudy.jpg cloudy.png
Drizzle drizzle.gif drizzle.jpg drizzle.png
Fair fair.gif fair.jpg fair.png
Flurries flurries.gif flurries.jpg flurries.png
Fog fog.gif fog.jpg fog.png
Freezing Drizzle fdrizzle.gif fdrizzle.jpg fdrizzle.png
Freezing Rain freezingrain.gif freezingrain.jpg freezingrain.png
Hazy hazy.gif hazy.jpg hazy.png
Mostly Cloudy (Day) mcloudy.gif mcloudy.jpg mcloudy.png
Mostly Cloudy (Night) mcloudyn.gif mcloudyn.jpg mcloudyn.png
Forecast Not Available na.gif na.jpg na.png
Partly Cloudy (Day) pcloudy.gif pcloudy.jpg pcloudy.png
Partly Cloudy (Night) pcloudyn.gif pcloudyn.jpg pcloudyn.png
Rain rain.gif rain.jpg rain.png
Rain and Snow rainandsnow.gif rainandsnow.jpg rainandsnow.png
Showers showers.gif showers.jpg showers.png
Sleet sleet.gif sleet.jpg sleet.png
Smoke smoke.gif smoke.jpg smoke.png
Snow snow.gif snow.jpg snow.png
Snow Showers snowshowers.gif snowshowers.jpg snowshowers.png
Sunny/Clear (Day) sunny.gif sunny.jpg sunny.png
Clear (Night) sunnyn.gif sunnyn.jpg sunnyn.png
Thunderstorms (Day) tstorm.gif tstorm.jpg tstorm.png
Thunderstorms (Night) tstormn.gif tstormn.jpg tstormn.png
Winter Storm Warning wswarning.gif wswarning.jpg wswarning.png
Winter Storm Watch wswatch.gif wswatch.jpg wswatch.png