hiddenfeesI am looking for ways to broaden my search for web work contracts as well as for employment. I came across a site that gives you the opportunity to bid on requests. All you do is make a profile, fill in the details of what you do, and wait for the projects to roll in! Mentions a small fee. I figured (wrongly) that it was like most sites of this ilk that it was a percentage of the eventual pay for the job.

So, I went through the process, filled out the forms, uploaded a logo, and sat back and waited to see if any jobs rolled in. At last count, fifteen in fifteen minutes! Before you jump on the web and sign up, read on.

All of the jobs were in the under $500 range or had no budget specified. All of them were so vague in their description that there was no way to estimate a bid. Here’s the catch: making a bid requires a small fee. For the job areas I was interested in, that pittance was around $15. It would have been nice to know that upfront to stop my enthusiasm and place this idea firmly in the bit bucket or at least consider the return of a bid investment.

I decided to leave it up and see if any of the requests get more detailed and worth the investment. Also, I will not rat out the web site since I can be wrong about the fees not being stated upfront. The requests are now at 25 so I will write more about this later. Why? I have to get back to finding work.