wp-1456848075668.jpgI am on the move today, taking care of some business in Delaware County, PA. In between appointments, I need to do work which requires a WiFi connection. Problem? Not really. You just need to do your homework and a bit of planning.

Many places have free WiFi: libraries, coffee shops, restaurants, and more. One of my favorites is Staples. Why? Because their signal is usually strong in the parking area, like at this one in Springfield, PA. That way I can connect both my cell phone and Surface to a strong WiFi signal. I could tether the Surface from my phone, but I do not want to add use to my data plan (I’m frugal).

So, on a nice early spring day like today, I can open the windows of the truck, recline the drive seat back just a bit, and work effectively, while listening to an Internet radio station, as well as make calls. If I need to retrieve files from a home machine, it is simply a matter of bringing up an FTP session.

Time to get to work! Just an hour until my next appointment.