yellow-wireDo you lose your mind when you lose connection to your favorite web site? Do you start pounding the keyboard when it take 10 minutes to load that special Instagram picture? Do you curse up a blue streak when you can’t watch that viral video on YouTube because it loads, stops, starts, stops, and then dies?

Everyone does! You vent to your partner, your office mate, the people at the next table at Starbucks, and on all forms of social media… well if you can that is.

If what you have is no Internet connection, you probably already know the drill (router up, strong enough WiFi signal, paid the bill, etc.), but if you trouble is fair to mediocre to just plain awful load time, you can play Internet Detective with the best of them! Here are my favorite ways to hunt the wumpus!

Web Site Outages

Is This Site Down For Everyone or Just Me? A real quick and dirty way to check a site’s status.

Currently Down Outage Site monitoring for a number of popular destinations, including ones that they are aware of at that moment (as a write this, Publishers’ Clearing House has been down for 40 minutes).

Down Right Now Crowd-sourced data about problems folks are having with their favorite destinations.

Network Outages, Traffic, and Attacks

Akamai Real-time Web Monitor Using a heat map presentation, you can quickly see where the hot spots are for the most traffic density, worst latency (slow connections), and highest web site attacks (those wonderful gremlins at work). Complete with a zoom feature, you can see if you or the web site you are attempting to get to are in the midst of one of these congestion factors.

Internet Health Report You can see how well your Internet connection provider is playing with the network world.

Internet Traffic Report This site gives you a global and regional view of what load the networks are carrying, drilled down to the major network hubs and pipelines.

Of course, most of the major web sites have their own reporting channels, such as Google’s Apps Status Dashboard. There are numerous other sites you can find when you run out of using these as starters.