Paint-PaletteThat title yields a tentative happy dance. I like the color change, but more curious if anyone else likes it! I am still tweaking it to insure that the text is readable, something that fails so often when you don’t consider everyone else’s poor eyesight (or screen).

To get a suitable color combination, I used the Color Scheme Designer at I am the first to admit I have near zero color talent, especially when it comes to finding just the right combination of colors. I first used this tool for a client’s web site. Their logo was a very particular shade of shamrock green and I wanted the entire color flow to work – background, highlighting, shadowing – consistently, based upon that color.

Using the Color Scheme Designer, I plugged in the primary color and got the three shades that work with it. Then, it was just a matter of balance in how the presentation appeared. Under the covers, I set the four colors in the CSS, making it easy to flip through the combinations until it was just right! The finished product, which will be live in production shortly, pleased the client, giving their brand and coloration consistent throughout the web site.

colors-2015-04-09The Color Scheme Designer enables you to make a ready made color swatch which is perfect for inclusion in your proposal to a prospective client. They can then compare it to their existing web and print media to see if it fits in with their branding. You can also get the ready made CSS for the colors as well as a color swatch file for either Photoshop or GIMP. These features make it easy to communicate your color scheme to your client, web designer, graphic creator, and printer in a language they can understand and use.

Even the color ignorant like me can cope with mixing colors that produce an aesthetic palette to paint the web using’s Color Scheme Designer. Now, I am back to the widgets and gadgets!