Oh my, he cut it offLandmark day in my personal history yesterday because I visited Salon DiGian and did the unthinkable. For the first time this millennium, I set foot into a hair salon and left my locks, extending down to the middle of my back in the care of Fernando, a super hair stylist, armed with all sorts of cutting and shearing devices.

When Mary and I talked about it (read: she dared me to go get my hair trimmed) and I decided to get my hair trimmed to a little longer than shoulder length so I could keep my tail. I had another appointment before my 3:30 pm date with the hair executioner. En route, I felt a twinge of terror so I decided to fortify myself with a McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger and a large Chocolate Milk Shake.

I was met outside the salon by the owner, Mary. Funny, she and my Mary had already discussed what a big baby I am when it comes to my hair. She and Fernando were will prepared for the task at hand.

I sat down in the chair and whisked off the hair tie to let my tresses flow for what was to become their last flow of freedon and while we chatted, he swiftly braided my hair and asked me for my hair tie and said casually So are you read to go real short? Real short? Real short? Moment of panic and shear terror (pun intended). I said, sure, why not (actual expletive deleted). A few snips and the hunter had his prey, proudly displaying it.

Naked neckOver the next half hour, my usually unruly mane was transformed skillfully into a very (very) short hair style. It was the first time in… geez, almost two decades that my neck has seen the light of day. The most noticeable new sensation? Last evening, Mary and I dressed up a bit to go to the opening of our friends’ new antique shop and I noticed I could feel the collar of my shirt! With nice weather and rolled down car windows, I found mys elf not having to brush hair out of my eyes, too.

Now, I just have to meet the challenges of those who are used to seeing the long-haired hippie and the what possessed you to do such a thing questions. Simple answer: it’s only hair and it will grow back. As long as before? Who knows.

Kudos to Mary, Fernando, and the fun folks at Salon DiGian!