Oh my, he cut it offLand­mark day in my per­sonal his­tory yes­ter­day because I vis­ited Salon DiGian and did the unthink­able. For the first time this mil­len­nium, I set foot into a hair salon and left my locks, extend­ing down to the mid­dle of my back in the care of Fer­nando, a super hair styl­ist, armed with all sorts of cut­ting and shear­ing devices.

When Mary and I talked about it (read: she dared me to go get my hair trimmed) and I decided to get my hair trimmed to a lit­tle longer than shoul­der length so I could keep my tail. I had another appoint­ment before my 3:30 pm date with the hair exe­cu­tioner. En route, I felt a twinge of ter­ror so I decided to for­tify myself with a McDonald’s Dou­ble Cheese­burger and a large Choco­late Milk Shake.

I was met out­side the salon by the owner, Mary. Funny, she and my Mary had already dis­cussed what a big baby I am when it comes to my hair. She and Fer­nando were will pre­pared for the task at hand.

I sat down in the chair and whisked off the hair tie to let my tresses flow for what was to become their last flow of free­don and while we chat­ted, he swiftly braided my hair and asked me for my hair tie and said casu­ally So are you read to go real short? Real short? Real short? Moment of panic and shear ter­ror (pun intended). I said, sure, why not (actual exple­tive deleted). A few snips and the hunter had his prey, proudly dis­play­ing it.

Naked neckOver the next half hour, my usu­ally unruly mane was trans­formed skill­fully into a very (very) short hair style. It was the first time in… geez, almost two decades that my neck has seen the light of day. The most notice­able new sen­sa­tion? Last evening, Mary and I dressed up a bit to go to the open­ing of our friends’ new antique shop and I noticed I could feel the col­lar of my shirt! With nice weather and rolled down car win­dows, I found mys elf not hav­ing to brush hair out of my eyes, too.

Now, I just have to meet the chal­lenges of those who are used to see­ing the long-haired hip­pie and the what pos­sessed you to do such a thing ques­tions. Sim­ple answer: it’s only hair and it will grow back. As long as before? Who knows.

Kudos to Mary, Fer­nando, and the fun folks at Salon DiGian!