Safer Internet Day

A great reminder to double-check all your set­tings on email and all of your social media accounts.

Live Snow Camera

Update: The big one was a big dud in this area. The cam­era is off-line while it moves to its per­ma­nent home.

The snow storm will be tele­vised. Since the weather prog­nos­ti­ca­tors are call­ing Win­ter Storm Juno the big one, I decided to set the cam­era up.


cone-scalePlease do not press reload — the image auto­mat­i­cally refreshes every minute or so. Right now (around 1930 EST, Mon­day) the cone is sit­ting on roughly 2″ of snow. We will see if the fore­cast comes true. The scale at the right will give you some visual guid­ance as to the cur­rent depth.

Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow…

Let’s Not Meet by Accident


First respon­ders have to go out dur­ing win­ter storms. Do you really need to go out? If you do, please be extra care­ful dur­ing Win­ter Storm Juno. We are expect­ing a foot or more here in Chester County, PA. If you need sup­plies, go now before it get poten­tially much more dan­ger­ous. Stay home! Stay safe!