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Updates in Progress

Updates in progress. Been there, done that, but a lot needs to be done. To quote the famous typog­ra­phers’ friend: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, vix assum dicant con­sti­tuto in. Cu com­mune effi­ciantur his. Posse facer est eu. Nec no con­venire per­i­culis, impe­tus... read more

Site Demolition and Reconstruction

Over the past year, I have learned more about Word­Press than I had in the pre­vi­ous 10+ years that I have been using this won­der­ful prod­uct. I have designed more respon­sive web sites, as well as expanded to using WP Mul­ti­site and BuddyPress. I am turn­ing up a... read more

Network “Weather” Reports

Do you lose your mind when you lose con­nec­tion to your favorite web site? Do you start pound­ing the key­board when it take 10 min­utes to load that spe­cial Insta­gram pic­ture? Do you curse up a blue streak when you can’t watch that viral video on YouTube because... read more

WordPress Security Release 4.1.2

In advance of the antic­i­pated release of Word­Press 4.2 (orig­i­nally planned to be tomor­row, 4/22 Word­Press ver­sions 4.1.1 and ear­lier are affected by a crit­i­cal cross-site script­ing vul­ner­a­bil­ity, which could enable anony­mous users to com­pro­mise... read more

Education on Air with Google Conference

We are both a user and sup­porter of Google Apps for busi­ness, edu­ca­tion, gov­ern­ment, and non-profits. If you use Gmail, Google Drive, Chrome or other Google-created prod­ucts, you, too, are using a part of the Google Apps family. Google is host­ing a two-day... read more

Using Gist to Embed Easily Copied Code Snippets

Editor’s note: I am in the process of fin­ish­ing an arti­cle that uses this fea­ture so I thought to share it first! I write a lot of arti­cles that include sam­ple code as an illus­tra­tion. In Word­Press, I have tried a num­ber of plu­g­ins to do syn­tax... read more

Success with Crayons

That title yields a ten­ta­tive happy dance. I like the color change, but more curi­ous if any­one else likes it! I am still tweak­ing it to insure that the text is read­able, some­thing that fails so often when you don’t con­sider every­one else’s poor eye­sight (or... read more

Beware! Design Changes in Progress!

To quote a famous design ele­ment placeholder: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, minim quando antiopam ad sea, his eu con­sul latine per­sius, nec ex exerci iuvaret denique. Mea ad denique mod­er­atius. Mutat orna­tus prae­sent no mea, duo an per­sius eru­diti. Eu idque... read more

Security Fix for Joust SEO

The pop­u­lar Word­Press plu­gin, Word­Press SEO by Yoast, issued a secu­rity update that fixes a secu­rity issue. This morn­ing we released an update to our Word­Press SEO plu­gin (both free and pre­mium) that fixes a secu­rity issue. A bit more details fol­low... read more



Danger Will Robinson!

Experimental Elements Below! You Have Been Warned!