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Earthquake in Taiwan: Info and Live TV

A M6.7 earthquake has occurred in Taiwan with numerous aftershocks. There are reports of widespread damage. There is no expected tsunami from this event You can view the latest live reports from the region on the following two live YouTube channels from Taiwan. Audio... read more

Ring Out the Old, Ring In the New

OK, here is the first step of the 2016 version of My Sediments Exactly. I have added two new categories for each and every post: a category for all new posts since 2016-01-01 a category for all older posts prior to 2016-01-01 Why? I want my current articles to be... read more

Layout Version 2016.01

I am in the process of completing a new and much improved theme design here. Over the past year, I have learned and applied many new design techniques, mostly from my work on the McKee Insures website (thank you, Tom!). Watch this space for changes! Happy New Year... read more

Archive of Pre-2016 Articles on My Sediments Exactly!

Updates in Progress

Updates in progress. Been there, done that, but a lot needs to be done. To quote the famous typographers’ friend: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, vix assum dicant constituto in. Cu commune efficiantur his. Posse facer est eu. Nec no convenire periculis, impetus aperiri id... read more

Site Demolition and Reconstruction

Over the past year, I have learned more about WordPress than I had in the previous 10+ years that I have been using this wonderful product. I have designed more responsive web sites, as well as expanded to using WP Multisite and BuddyPress. I am turning up a new... read more

Network "Weather" Reports

Do you lose your mind when you lose connection to your favorite web site? Do you start pounding the keyboard when it take 10 minutes to load that special Instagram picture? Do you curse up a blue streak when you can’t watch that viral video on YouTube because it... read more

WordPress Security Release 4.1.2

In advance of the anticipated release of WordPress 4.2 (originally planned to be tomorrow, 4/22 WordPress versions 4.1.1 and earlier are affected by a critical cross-site scripting vulnerability, which could enable anonymous users to compromise a site. In... read more

Education on Air with Google Conference

We are both a user and supporter of Google Apps for business, education, government, and non-profits. If you use Gmail, Google Drive, Chrome or other Google-created products, you, too, are using a part of the Google Apps family. Google is hosting a two-day... read more

Using Gist to Embed Easily Copied Code Snippets

Editor’s note: I am in the process of finishing an article that uses this feature so I thought to share it first! I write a lot of articles that include sample code as an illustration. In WordPress, I have tried a number of plugins to do syntax highlighting which is... read more

Success with Crayons

That title yields a tentative happy dance. I like the color change, but more curious if anyone else likes it! I am still tweaking it to insure that the text is readable, something that fails so often when you don’t consider everyone else’s poor eyesight (or... read more

Beware! Design Changes in Progress!

To quote a famous design element placeholder: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, minim quando antiopam ad sea, his eu consul latine persius, nec ex exerci iuvaret denique. Mea ad denique moderatius. Mutat ornatus praesent no mea, duo an persius eruditi. Eu idque commune has,... read more

Security Fix for Joust SEO

The popular WordPress plugin, WordPress SEO by Yoast, issued a security update that fixes a security issue. This morning we released an update to our WordPress SEO plugin (both free and premium) that fixes a security issue. A bit more details follow below, but the... read more

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